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Lisa explains how she wound up behind bars and their struggle to get back their son.  
Dr. Phil’s guests go a long way for love, including breaking the law and getting stranded in a foreign country.

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“My Victim is My Husband”
When Lisa was 36, she says she fell in love with her sons’ 14-year-old friend, Adrian, became pregnant with his child and married him shortly after his 15th birthday. The next day, the new bride was arrested for statutory rape. She gave birth to their son while serving two years behind bars. Seven years later, the couple is still together and raising their second child, while Adrian, now 21, works toward earning his high school diploma.

“I did not know he was 14 when we first had sex.”

One Obstacle in the Way of Being a Family

Lisa says she understands why others may object to their marriage, but insists their love is real. Find out the one thing they say is keeping them from being a complete family. And, what is Lisa’s advice for other women involved with minors?

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

A Long Way to Search for Love
Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Cary Dolego made international headlines when he went overseas in search of a bride, but says he ended up alone, penniless and living on the streets of Ukraine. Where did he go wrong? Despite his negative experience, find out why Cary says he won’t give up on international love.

“I got hypothermia, and I also got frostbite on my fingers and toes.”

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