They inspired us, shocked us, and often made us root for them. They're the people whose stories we just couldn't get enough of.

An attractive 17-year-old, Cortney shocked viewers when she appeared on a show about "Body Image" and said she needed plastic surgery in order to get a date. Dr. Phil made her promise to find her authentic self before considering surgery.


"Cortney put off all surgery plans when she realized that what she looks like on the outside won't change how she feels on the inside," explains Dr. Phil.



On a show about "Drama Queens," Cy described her life as a mixture of Carrie from Sex and the City, Ally from Ally McBeal, and Joan from Girlfriends. The problem was, her self-created, drama-filled life was preventing her from finding her soul mate.

Did Dr. Phil dethrone this drama queen?



"She became the poster child for controlling people in America," Dr. Phil says of Rochelle, who used to keep tight control over her husband John's behavior. In a follow-up, the couple revealed how Dr. Phil's advice had changed their life.


"She has lost a lot of weight, had a couple 'enhancements,' if you know what I mean ... and is looking for an agent," explains Dr. Phil.

Rochelle checks back in with Dr. Phil.


When Elisa appeared on "Obsessed with Food," she admitted to weighing every single piece of food she fed to her family because she believed "food is the enemy." Dr. Phil told Elisa that her food obsession was a substitute for what she really wanted to control: how she felt about herself.


See how Elisa's household has changed.



Heather, a world-class flirt, first appeared on an "Ask Dr. Phil" to find out how to make women feel more comfortable around her. Later, on a show about "Flirts and Teases," Heather was confronted by an audience member who thought she wanted to be intimidating to other women.

See if Heather is still a shameless flirt.


Weighing more than 400 pounds, Matthew appeared on "My Big Fat Attitude, Part 2." On the show, Dr. Phil asked Matthew to take a Litmus Logic Test to see if he was lying to himself about his weight and the effect it was having on his health.


See how Matthew is doing today.

When Rod appeared on a show about addiction to admit he was addicted to spending and couldn't control his eating, Dr. Phil pointed out that self-esteem issues were at the heart of Rod's problems. In a follow-up with Rod, viewers saw that he was improving his finances and taking control of his weight.



"Since our [follow-up] show ran, Rod has lost an additional 20 pounds and is directing and starring in a play," says Dr. Phil. "He says the show made him realize it's OK to feel good about yourself."

Rod checks back in with Dr. Phil.



Ed and Ginger
We recently asked viewers to vote online for their all-time favorite guest couple. One memorable duo won by a landslide: Ed and Ginger, who appeared on "Living Beyond Your Means." They took Dr. Phil's advice and re-engineered their lives, as they explained in a follow-up.



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