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Amanda tells her estranged father what she wants from him.  
Being a parent is not an easy job, and it sure doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Dr. Phil speaks with moms and dads who are in desperate need of answers.

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"From Hero to Zero"
It's been nearly five years since George has seen or spoken to his only daughter, Amanda, and he wants to repair their broken relationship. He says since he divorced her mother, Amanda has shut him out of her life and refuses all communication, even after a serious accident left him in a wheelchair. Amanda says she wants nothing to do with her father — Find out why. Can Dr. Phil help mend this father-daughter relationship?

“I loathe my father."

Severe Sibling Abuse
Trinidy says her greatest fear is that her 7-year-old son, Jamie, may actually kill his 4-year-old little brother. Hear about the three scary incidents that she says recently took place and learn what Dr. Phil says must happen to protect her children.

“Logan had come up the stairs screaming.”

Dreams of Stardom
Jay is a single dad to 13-year-old aspiring actress and model Rylee. He admits that he is overly critical of her appearance, restricts her diet, demands that she exercise twice a day and limits her time with friends — but insists it's only to help her realize her dreams. Is he pushing her too far? Pop icon Donny Osmond weighs in on the realities of becoming a child star.

“I don’t sugar coat things for Rylee. If she’s fat, I tell her that she’s fat.”