Patti says she’s stuck in the middle of the ongoing feud between her husband, Bob, and her 18-year-old son, Joe. See what happens when the men come face to face for the first time in weeks on Dr. Phil’s stage.

Family in Turmoil
Patti says her husband of 12 years, Bob, got along great with her son, Joe, until he became a teenager, when their relationship turned contentious. Joe claims his stepdad’s hostility became physical, but Bob denies he ever physically assaulted his stepson and says it's Joe who stirs up all of the drama. Patti is tired of being caught in the middle and wants the hostility to stop.

Hear the email that Bob wrote Joe, severing their relationship.

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Feelings of Abandonment
Joe says when he needed his mom the most, she wasn’t there for him. Patti admits she found the wrong way to cope with her turbulent home. Find out what it was. And, can this fractured family reach a healing point?

Patti speaks from her heart to her family, and Joe opens up to his mother.