Must-See Video

Dr. Phil repeats Bradman’s accusations to Anne and allows her to respond.
Former high school dance teacher Anne, 35, made national headlines when it was revealed that her two children — ages 3 and 2 — were fathered by Bradman, a former student who is nearly 15 years her junior. Both share their versions of a romance gone awry.

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She Says

Anne says she met Bradman when he was a high school student, and she a teacher, but he quickly manipulated her and took advantage of her kindness. Learn why she says she had to file a protective order and why she claims she's the real victim.

“He is a sociopath and a narcissist.”

He Says

The tables are turned, and Bradman tells his side of the story. Learn how he says their romance started. Then, he admits to abuse in their relationship, but says Anne was the one responsible. Will a voicemail recording shed more light on who is the aggressor?

“She’s trying to play the victim, but in reality, I am.”

Final Words

Anne's attorney, Erinn, says she realizes that mistakes were made. “We can’t go back into time. We can’t undo those decisions. We want to look forward — what will happen to those kids?”

“But aren’t you doing exactly what you’re accusing him of doing?” Dr. Phil asks Anne. “You’re now using the children as leverage."