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See what a typical day is like for Annette's children, Janet and Jeffrey.  
Annette says she wants the right to euthanize her severely-disabled children, who are being kept alive only by feeding tubes. What would you do? Then, former model, Stephanie Vostry, says she’s fighting to survive chronic Lyme disease, an illness some believe she may be faking.

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Mercy or Murder?

Annette says her severely-disabled children, Jeffrey and Janet, can't walk, talk, eat, see or hear, and she would like the right to mercifully end their lives. How did she reach this decision? And, what does she have to say to her critics? Plus, acclaimed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger weighs in on the legal debate.

“Without the tubes, they wouldn’t be here. This is no life.”

Chronic Lyme Disease or Lie?

Stephanie Vostry says she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she's faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she's turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, the illness hits home for a  San Diego weathercaster.

“I was a beautiful model. Why would I fake this?”

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