Reed, 33, says his mother, Margaret, is so meddling and controlling that the day she dies will be a cause for celebration. Margaret says she just wants to see her son succeed — but is she really setting him up for failure? Plus, 35-year-old Anthony, star of TLC’s Mama’s Boys of the Bronx, says he sees nothing wrong with living at home and letting his mom, Patti, wait on him hand and foot.

Reed and Margaret

Reed says his mom, Margaret, tries to control everything in his life, and he's reached a boiling point — so much so that he says he'll feel relieved when she dies. How does Margaret feel about that revelation? Will she back off? And, is Reed really ready to cut his mom out of his life?

“It feels like a warfare on my own independence.”

Anthony and Patti

Anthony, 35, star of the new TLC reality series, Mama's Boys of the Bronx, says living with his mom, Patti, is like having his own personal assistant — she does his laundry, tells him when to pay bills and cooks his meals. How does Patti feel about their living arrangement? Will she ever kick him to the curb? And, how does Anthony tell dates that he still lives at home?

“I’m definitely a mama’s boy, and I’m proud of it.”

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