Yolanda says she has no control over her 14-year-old daughter, Kaitlynn. She says Kaitlynn is defiant, physically and verbally abusive and even demands that Yolanda follow her rules of the house. Kaitlynn says she’s forced to be the parent because her mom makes poor decisions. Could an incident from their past be driving a wedge between them? Plus, don't miss a shocking update on 17-year-old Courtney!

Who's in Control?

Kaitlynn, 14, says she feels like she's the adult and her mom, Yolanda, is the child. Yolanda says Kaitlynn is rude and won't listen to her. How did the mother-daughter roles get reversed? And, can they get put back in their rightful place?

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Kaitlynn explains the rules of the house that she demands Yolanda follow, which include: no more than 10 cigarettes a day, and no sex in the house. Does Yolanda abide by the rules?

Yolanda makes a tearful apology to Kaitlynn for placing her and her younger brother in foster care because Yolanda's husband at the time didn't want them — something Yolanda says her mother did to her as a child.

Dr. Phil weighs in on Yolanda and Kaitlynn's mother-daughter role reversal. And, Yolanda comes clean about her drug use.

Kaitlynn confronts her mom about her painful past. “You’ve ruined half my life so far,” she tells Yolanda. Plus, Dr. Phil offers them help in restructuring their relationship.

Courtney Update

It's been more than two months since out-of-control Courtney, 17, was sent to Turn-About Ranch, a treatment facility for troubled teens, to help control her anger and abusive ways. You won’t believe what she has to say now!

See Courtney’s amazing turnaround, and find out what her life is like on the ranch.

Barbara reveals something that Dr. Phil believes could sabotage Courtney’s recovery, if ignored.