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Joy describes seeing the composite sketch, and frantically trying to put the pieces together.
Nine years ago, Joy says she thought she'd married her Prince Charming when she wed Robert Howard Bruce. But six years into their marriage, she says it all unraveled when she saw a composite sketch in her local newspaper of a man who she thought resembled Robert and police called "Ether Man," a rapist believed to be responsible for attacking dozens of women across the southwestern United States over the last 19 years. What warning signs does Joy say she missed? Plus, hear about the shocking videotape that she says she found. Then, meet Robert's first wife, Rosa, and their three children: How have their lives changed since Robert’s alleged crimes came to light? In addition, two possible victims tell their stories, and a detective on the case weighs in.

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Married to Robert Howard Bruce

Robert's first and second wives open up about what made them fall in love with the man police now believe to be the "Ether Man" rapist. What warning signs do they say they missed? And, how do they feel knowing a man they once loved may spend the rest of his life in jail? Plus, Robert's current wife, Joy, shares a letter he wrote to her from jail. 

“I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I married someone so evil."

Possible Victims

Detective Mark Bravo discusses the status of the case that spans multiple states. And, Mandra says she was stalked for weeks by a man she believes to be Robert Howard Bruce.  Plus, Kai says her life hasn't been the same since she was attacked in her own home.

Learn how their experience has affected them now.

"Our Dad"

Robert Howard Bruce's three children, Robert, 21, Alyssa, 18, and Jared, 17, say they struggle every day with the fact that their father is an accused rapist, and the hurtful comments from people who say they may follow in his footsteps.

Robert’s children share their story. “It hurts me to know that he could do this to someone else’s daughter.”

“I’ve heard comments that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

"Friended by My Rapist"

Emily says at 14, she was raped by an older boy she knew. For the next decade, she says she suffered in silence while abusing drugs, alcohol and food. Then, one day, she received a "friend request" from her alleged rapist. Why does she say he reached out to her?

As scared as I was, I had questions that I knew only he could answer.”