Academy Award-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. joins Dr. Phil to discuss his new TV movie, Firelight, where he portrays a youth correctional counselor who encourages violent and troubled girls, many of whom come from a life of drugs and gangs, to join an elite firefighting team. Also, meet Theresa, a mom who had her teen, Angela, prosecuted for stealing money from her account and property from her home. Is there a darker problem at play? And, find out what you can do to help a troubled teen heading down a dangerous path.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Talks Fame, Family and Firelight

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Cuba Gooding Jr. opens up about his family life — and teaching his son to drive!

Cuba talks about life inside the walls of prison: "You feel like life has discarded you."

"Quit Stealing or Go Back to Jail"

Angela, 19, says she's stolen thousands in cash and jewelry from her mom, Theresa, but insists, "I'm too high class for going to jail."

Angela shares a painful moment from her past and describes hitting rock bottom. And, Angela's father, Mario, weighs in about her behavior.

Dr. Phil addresses two of Angela's scams and lists off her criminal infractions. "How nefarious is she?"

Dr. Phil offers Angela help. Will she accept? "You're smart. If you turn those smarts into making this work, you get your life back. If you don't, you get a box, and we bury you in it."

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