After nearly five months in rehab and 144 days of sobriety, Alexandra reunites with her parents, Erin and Marty, on Dr. Phil’s stage, and comes clean about her darkest drug-fueled days. From carrying a gun to using dirty needles, Alexandra candidly shares details of what she calls her rock bottom moment. She’s shown progress, so why does Dr. Phil think Erin may be sabotaging her recovery — and why does Marty think Alexandra may be slipping into old habits? And when Alexandra is asked to write a mock obituary, what does she have to say about the life she would have left behind?

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With Alexandra 90 days sober, Marty makes his first trip to see his daughter. "We touched on a lot of new and old sores; the old ones had been festering for a long time."

Alexandra reads her mock obituary, sharing the life she would have left behind.

Erin and Marty reunite with Alexandra for the first time outside rehab in months. And, Alexandra shares her darkest days. "I felt my heart going into cardiac arrest ..."

Alexandra talks suicide, gun violence, police run-ins and more. "At one point, I did consider selling my body for drugs."

"I was meeting up with a crack dealer. He took my money and drove off. He didn't know that I had a .38 snubnose in my back pocket ..."

Dr. Phil does not mince words with Erin and Marty about some mistakes he sees them making. "You are making those pronouncements like you got your PhD while she was gone for 144 days!"