For 10 years, you’ve watched the Dr. Phil Family through their ups and downs. Today, Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Alexandra, now 144 days sober. Find out what she did two weeks ago to scare her father and seriously concern her treatment team. And, Dr. Phil has some strong words of caution for her parents, Erin and Marty. Can he get them back on track? Then, Alexandra’s younger sister, Katherine, says that her relationship with Alexandra has been strained for years. Can Katherine forgive and forget? Dr. Phil advises the sisters how to forge a new path. And, what does the future hold for Alexandra and her kids, Nathan, 8, Leilah, 4, and Michael, 1? Will she ever be able to return home? Plus, get an exclusive look into Alexandra’s life in rehab — from meditating to caring for marine life and skydiving! If you’ve followed the Dr. Phil Family since the beginning, you won't want to miss this final chapter.

Catch up on part one: Alexandra's Progress ... and Setbacks

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"A few weeks ago, Alexandra was involved in an incident ..."

Dr. Phil scolds Erin. "This family has a level of dysfunction that is not in her best interest."

Katherine shares why she hasn't returned Alexandra's calls."It's been years since I've talked to the real Alexandra."

Dr. Phil advises Katherine how to approach a new relationship with Alexandra. "We have two imperfect sisters who have to be willing to meet each other where they are."

Alexandra's oldest son, Nathan, shares what he misses most about his mom. And, Dr. Phil warns Alexandra against rushing her treatment.

Catch a glimpse of a few of Alexandra's activities in rehab!