When Tiffany, 23, last appeared on the show, she shocked her parents, Ken and Susie, when she revealed that she was hooked on heroin. With a history of OxyContin addiction, Tiffany had been in — and checked herself out of — three rehabs, but her parents believed that she had finally cleaned up for good on her own, until they heard otherwise from Tiffany on Dr. Phil’s stage. Tiffany blamed her addiction problems on her broken relationship with her father, a police detective who said he was embarrassed to have an addict for a daughter. Ken and Susie both admitted to enabling her with their financial support and vowed to change their behavior. Did they do as promised? And, find out how Tiffany sent shockwaves through her family once again.  
"I've Never Said No to Heroin"
After successfully completing a 90-day program and 166 days into her recovery, Tiffany relapsed. What happened, and are her parents doing enough to support her sobriety?

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Tiffany explains how she gave in to temptation.

Dr. Phil isn't buying Tiffany's excuses.

Can Ken and Susie do more to support her recovery?

Tiffany says her problems with her father began years before her drug use.

A Second Chance
Dr. Phil tells Tiffany that she can’t blame her parents for her addiction says it’s time to forgive her father for the mistakes he may have made. He recommends that Ken and Susie consult with the experts before giving their daughter money or any other privileges, like a vehicle. Will Tiffany accept Dr. Phil's offer for a second chance at rehab at Hannah’s House in Texas? He warns her that they won’t accept a bad attitude.

How can this family heal and move forward?

Dr. Phil has some final words for the young woman.

Tiffany returns for Dr. Phil's 2000th Show. How is she now?