Dr. Phil’s guests say their family members are making their lives miserable, and they want the drama to end.

A Favorite Child?

Brittany, 19, says her mother, Joan, worships the ground her 25-year-old brother, Bill, walks on and treats her like an orphan. She says that because Bill has always been treated as the favorite child, he's become a “monster,” who calls her names and bullies her. Bill claims his sister is a liar who puts their parents through hell, and says he believes that “tough love” will encourage Brittany to change. Find out why Dr. Phil is concerned by Bill’s behavior. As accusations fly and emotions boil over, can Dr. Phil break up the bickering long enough to help this family heal?

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Joan says Brittany is jealous of Bill and needs to stop blaming her family for the flaws in her life. Does Joan have a favorite child?

Brittany became pregnant in high school and never graduated. She breaks down as she describes how she was belittled by her family.

What does Brittany want from her family?


“With kids, you’ve got to catch them doing something right, so you can love them up.”

A Marriage on the Rocks

Cliff says his wife of 10 years, Jaisalynn, is threatening to divorce him because of her ongoing feud with his parents, Laura and Richard. He claims that his drinking problem has gotten worse because of the tension. Can Dr. Phil broker a peace between in-laws and save Cliff and Jaisalynn's marriage?

When did the bad blood between in-laws begin?  

Do Laura and Richard want their son to divorce Jaisalynn?

Has Jaisalynn kept her daughter from seeing her in-laws out of spite? And, Dr. Phil addresses Cliff’s drinking problem.