Dr. Phil gives viewers an all access pass behind the scenes of his show and nothing is off limits!


Finding the Right Guests
Producers read thousands of viewer e-mails hoping to find the right guests. Finding people who were willing to appear on "Men Who Cheat" and "My Spouse Acts Like a Child" was a challenge.

See how they booked the guests.


Getting the Star Treatment
Ever wonder what it's like being a guest on Dr. Phil? Follow Kellie, who appeared on "Debate Dr. Phil," from the time she was booked to appear, to the day she was whisked to the studio in a limousine.


See Kellie's trip to Hollywood and Dr. Phil.



A Show from A to Z
"Sometimes, getting the show on the air is not always as easy as it may look," says Dr. Phil. "We do two shows a day, three days a week." Follow one production team as they put together "Sex Wars."
Go behind the scenes of a show in the making.



From the TV  to the Computer
From writing advice articles to producing Web features and finding potential guests from the message boards, the Web staff brings the Dr. Phil experience to viewers online. 


Meet the people behind DrPhil.com



Setting the Record Straight
Why is Robin at every show? Why does Dr. Phil walk her off the stage at the end? More importantly, is he dragging her? Dr. Phil and Robin clear up these questions once and for all.
View Dr. Phil and Robin's answers.