Twelve-year-old Alicia says that when she was invited to a teen sleepover, she had no idea she would be forced to fight four girls whom she thought were her friends — while the attack was videotaped. Joined by her mother, Holly, Alicia shares her account of that violent day. Then, one of Alicia’s alleged attackers, Alexis, 13, says Alicia agreed to the fight, knew it would be videotaped, and that her ex-friend "deserved what she got and she’ll get it again." Can Dr. Phil invoke some empathy? Alexis’ mother, Wendy, says she doesn’t think her daughter is entirely to blame but admits that it’s not the first time Alexis has gotten into trouble. She says the teen was accused in another assault and she worries Alexis will end up in jail if her anger isn’t reeled in now. Can Dr. Phil help Alexis before it’s too late? Then, 12-year-old Victoria admits to holding the camera and doing nothing to stop the fight. With Victoria now facing charges, her mom, Kara, speaks out on her behalf. Just how accountable is Victoria? Plus, see what happens when Alicia and Alexis come face to face. Can Dr. Phil broker a peace between these former friends?

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Alicia’s mother, Holly, explains how she learned of the alleged attack — and shares why she believes the fight could have ended Alicia's life.

Alicia joins Dr. Phil and breaks down in tears. “I wish it would have never happened. I thought they were my friends.”

Alexis shares her side of the story. “I grabbed her hair and started banging her.” And, Dr. Phil takes her and her mother, Wendy, to task.

Learn of Alexis’ previous brush with the law. “You don’t think it’s relevant that you’re now charged with beating another girl up?”

Alexis tearfully expresses regret. “I am sorry that I did it, but I can’t take it back.”

Victoria, one of Alexis’ alleged attackers, who also reportedly videotaped the fight, and her mother, Kara, share their side. And, Dr. Phil doesn't mince words with Kara.

Dr. Phil counsels Alexis. “I’m not angry with you; I have compassion for you — and I want to help you make better choices.” And, the girls come face to face.