Twenty-three-year-old Robert, who weighs nearly 800 pounds, made national headlines after he made a desperate plea for Dr. Phil’s help in a YouTube video, which tallied more than a million views. With his call answered, he makes the arduous journey to Dr. Phil’s stage with the help of two medical vans and five EMTs. Dr. Phil and Robert take a closer look at how he put on the weight, and what he needs to do to take it off. Is he really ready to make a change? Will he grab onto the lifeline Dr. Phil throws his way? Then, self-proclaimed adult baby Brett returns with a surprising update!

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Comfort Food

Robert says he’s turned to food for comfort his entire life, and that if he doesn’t get help soon, he’s afraid he’ll die in two years — or less. How does he say his weight got so out of control?

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Robert details his lifelong weight struggles. “When I was in eighth grade, I weighed 450 pounds.”

Robert says he's tried many times to lose the weight. “It’s not something that just happened.”

“Food Happened”

Robert’s mom, Nanette, admits that she’s given her son unhealthy foods and says, “If I don’t get it for him, he’s going to get it somewhere else.” She says “it gets ugly” if she tries to get Robert to do something he doesn’t want to do. Is she willing to stop her enabling ways?

Nanette explains how she believes her son got to this weight. “What happened? Food happened.”

Dr. Phil unveils his major plan for Robert. Will he accept?

Baby Brett: Update

Self-admitted adult baby, Brett, created a stir when he last appeared on Dr. Phil with his then-girlfriend, Cat, who doubled as his “mommy.” Has their dynamic changed? And, why is Brett considering being adopted?

Brett and Cat reveal the status of their relationship. Does she still take care of him?

Brett says he’s had several offers from people in different states, wanting to adopt him and take care of him. Meet Bill, one of Brett’s potential “daddies.”

Extra Content

  • Eliza Kingsford
  • Dr. John Horning, M.D.
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