Drinking binges, breaking curfew, co-ed sleepovers... the teenage years can be a parent's worst nightmare and an adolescent's biggest challenge. Dr. Phil and his son Jay discuss ways for parents and teens to survive adolescence and still get along.

'He's Out of Control'
Jayne's 16-year-old son Matt has come home drunk several times and frequently breaks his curfew. Jayne says that he is "out of control" and worries that she is "failing him" as a mother.

A New Way of Communicating
Cyndi says her 15-year-old daughter Lacey has sneaked boys into their house and lied about where she spends the night. She's desperate for a way to communicate with her daughter.


Home for the Summer
After a year in military school, 15-year-old Andy has improved his grades and his attitude, but his mom Gerri is still worried that he will slip into his old patterns when he comes home for the summer.

View their stories and Dr. Phil's response.

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