Summer, 17, says her mother, Susan, has been a “raging lunatic” for the past nine years, claiming Susan yells and curses, has stabbed paintings, mattresses and walls with knives and has even physically attacked her husband, Summer’s father, Peter — and her wrath has been documented in at least 60 home videos. Summer says the chaos in the home led to her becoming a promiscuous, out-of-control teenager who was using drugs by age 13. Although she has since cleaned up her life, Summer says she's now concerned for her 20-year-old sister, Amber, who has turned to drugs and alcohol — she suspects for the same reasons: to escape their hostile family environment. Peter says his wife’s violent rages are often aimed at him. Find out why he says he refuses to leave, no matter what. Susan says her entire family has turned against her, and she has one foot out the door. What is at the root of her rage? Can Dr. Phil help her heal her fractured family?

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See Susan’s rage caught on home video.

Why won’t Peter leave?

Standing Up for Herself?

Susan says she yells and screams because she’s no longer going to be a doormat for her family. She calls Peter a “mentally abusive, heartless, two-faced, lying loser” and says it’s his fault that their family is in chaos.

Is Susan there to defend or change her behavior?

Dr. Phil and Susan butt heads, and Susan walks offstage.

Numbing the Pain

Amber, 20, says she’s learned to escape the family chaos with a little help: She goes out every night and drinks until the point of blacking out. Peter says he had no idea. Dr. Phil tells them it’s time they learn to cope in healthier ways, while working to fix the problem.

Susan rejoins the conversation. Is she addicted to prescription medication, as her family believes?

Dr. Phil offers the family help. “Reinforcements have arrived.”