Kade says after seeing a Dr. Phil episode about sugar babies, he joked with his wife, April, that she should give it a try. April says meeting strangers for sex turned out to be exciting, and the extra cash helped their family, but now it’s ruining their marriage. Hear what April says about her past that may shed light on her current choices. And, can she and Kade rekindle the intimacy in their marriage? Then, Tori, 15, says her mother, Lacey, loves to be the center of attention and often flaunts her L-sized breast implants — much to Tori's embarrassment. She says she can’t go anywhere with her mom without people stopping them to take photos or ask for autographs, and the constant spotlight makes her uncomfortable. Lacey says despite the effect that her appearance has on her daughter, she relishes the attention, and although she’s already had 12 surgeries on her breasts, she wants to go even bigger. Is there a line that Lacey won’t cross when it comes to going under the knife?

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Unresolved Childhood Trauma?

Kade says although he jokingly suggested that his wife become a sugar baby, he never expected her to actually have sex with strangers for money and wants it to stop. He says he loves his wife and wants to fix their marriage but wonders if April’s unresolved childhood issues are to blame for her behavior.

April says sex with strangers was exciting and felt like a high you’d get from a drug. She admits she didn’t use protection or birth control. She shares that she was molested by a teacher for an extended period of time as a child and often had conflicting feelings of guilt and shame because she enjoyed the attention.

April and Kade explain how they got involved in the sugar baby business.

Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Kade. What did he think when he was driving her to meet a sugar daddy?

April wants to know: “Why did I do this, and how can we overcome what was done to our marriage?” 

Dr. Phil offers April help to heal from what happened to her as a child, as well as counseling for both her and Kade to repair their marriage. They accept.

Embarrassed by Mom

Tori says she’s embarrassed by her mother, Lacey’s, L-sized breast implants and the public attention that comes with them. She says she wants her mother to feel happy and confident, but “going bigger is pointless.” Lacey says despite the effects that her appearance has on her daughter, she wants to increase her size so she can get into the top 10 list of the biggest breasted women in the world. Is there a line that Lacey won’t cross when it comes to going under the knife?

Tori explains how her mother’s appearance affects her. “They automatically think she’s a porn star and a slut.” 

See the progression of Lacey’s surgeries and hear how her breasts have become her main source of income.

Two top plastic surgeons explain the risks of larger breast implants. And, is it worth the effect it has on Lacey’s kids?

Dr. Phil commends Lacey for the job she did raising Tori but urges her to consider how her choices may be affecting her children.