Thirty-three-year-old single mother Susanne says that she's not trying to lose weight by her June 2013 wedding — she's in a race to gain more. She says to achieve her goal of 800 pounds, she is consuming up to 30,000 calories per day with the help of her 38-year-old fiancé, Parker, a chef, who prepares many of her meals. Is he feeding his future wife to death? Susanne admits that the added weight is taking its toll, and she often lacks the energy to walk without assistance. Still, she says she's not ashamed of her shape and wishes more women would embrace their curves. Can Dr. Phil help Susanne see the seriousness of her condition before it's too late?

Proud of Her Size

Susanne says she decided to gain weight the day she was told she was too big for a BBW ("Big Beautiful Women") dating website. "As I started gaining, I started really enjoying it, and I started becoming confident," she says. She says she feels sorry for thin women whom she says have succumbed to societal pressure to be skinny. "As long as you're enjoying yourself, enjoy yourself," she says. While she concedes that her weight has hindered her mobility — often having to be pushed in a wheelchair, shop using a power scooter and walk only short distances — Susanne says she has no regrets. Today, Susanne models her curves to help support her family.

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How much does Susanne have to eat to reach her goal? "I don't count my calories because that takes the fun out of it."

Susanne opens up about her big goal, her self-image and her modeling career. Plus, learn why Susanne says her weight gaining program is similar to that of a bodybuilder.

The Future Ahead

Susanne says that despite her size, she's in perfect physical shape. She says that she knows there are risks, "but risk doesn't mean that it's going to happen." She says defensively, "You take a risk by drinking your tap water." Dr. Phil explains to Susanne that severe obesity can shave up to 10 years off one's life and asks her if it's worth it. And, Susanne's fiancé, Parker, a chef, says he loves her at her size. He says he helps by doing many of the household chores, including preparing many of Susanne's meals — but is he feeding her to death?

Susanne weighs in and is shocked by the results. Plus, hear from her doctor. Then, Susanne takes a shot at modern medicine.

Susanne's fiancé sounds off. "I just want her to be healthy."

A Family's Love

Susanne's family, including her sister, Cassie, and 17-year-old son, Gabriel, say they've had concerns, but Susanne puts them to rest by saying she is gaining weight in a healthy way. Can Dr. Phil open everyone's eyes to the dangers of severe obesity?

Cassie argues that her sister and best friend is not at risk. "She's healthier than I am." And, Dr. Phil lists off Susanne's meals for just one day.

Dr. Phil offers Susanne help to lose weight. Will she accept?

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