Brittany says her maid of honor and best friend of 19 years, Daina, was late for appointments, refused to help with planning and didn't approve of her husband-to-be, so she asked her to step down. Daina says she tried to be there for her friend but felt like she was getting shut out. What went wrong? In her place, Brittany asked Daina's sister, Noelle, to fill the role. Despite fears that it would cause further strain to her relationship with her sister, Noelle accepted, and now they’re at odds. Are there deeper issues at play? Then, Amanda says when her mother, Lisa, remarried and failed to ask her to be the maid of honor, she decided to skip the wedding all together. Why didn’t Lisa want her daughter by her side? Both admit their relationship has turned nasty, but is it so bad that Amanda would consider excluding Lisa from her own upcoming wedding?

Bridal Party Meltdown

In photos, Brittany's wedding looks picture perfect — but there was plenty of drama behind the scenes. "I feel bad that a 19-year friendship had to come to an end," Brittany says of her friend, Daina, whom she fired as maid of honor when she felt that her friend wasn't living up to her duties. "Brittany made me feel like I was trash that she could throw away," Daina says of her once-friend who she describes as a "bridezilla." Daina's twin sister, Noelle, stepped in as maid of honor, and now they are at odds.

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Brittany lists her grievances against her former maid of honor. Plus, she reveals what she calls the biggest betrayal.

Daina dishes about a nasty Facebook message she sent to her twin sister, Noelle, and how she’s reeling, saying, “I’m still so mad.”

Daina and Noelle describe the moment they hit an all-new low point. “I told her our relationship was dead to me and I didn’t want anything more to do with her.”

Moving On

Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of the threesome’s feud. Is there a way to put the past behind them and move forward? Then, Amanda and her mother, Lisa’s, relationship has been rocky ever since Amanda was a no-show at Lisa’s wedding. With Amanda preparing her upcoming wedding, is she planning to exclude her mother from this once-in-a-lifetime occasion?

“When you get to be my age, you really start thinking differently. You realize that you are closer to the end of your life than the beginning. You realize life is short.”

“What I care about is — do you put your relationship above the dailies?”

Amanda didn’t attend her mother’s wedding. Does she plan to invite her to her own upcoming nuptials?