Nicole says her husband, Brian, is so controlling, that he must know her whereabouts at all times and will call her up to 25 times in a row to make sure she’s not cheating. Brian admits he doesn’t trust Nicole and simply wants her to respect him. Growing frustrated, the newlyweds say unless they come to a compromise, they are prepared to part ways. What does Dr. Phil say they must do to get their marriage back on track? Then, Shaunna says she feels like a prisoner in her own home. She says her husband, Aaron, terrifies her and controls every aspect of her life. Aaron says he's just trying to help his wife, but then why is he a no-show on Dr. Phil's stage? Can Dr. Phil help Shaunna find her way out?

Trouble in Paradise

Nicole and Brian have been married just one year but they say there is already trouble brewing in their relationship. Nicole says Brian demands to know all of her passwords and keeps tabs on every dollar she spends. When she’s away from home, Nicole says Brian must know where she is at all times, and if he can’t get in touch with her, he’s been known to call incessantly — and even once drove 45 minutes to check up on her. Brian says he has reason to be suspicious — so much so, he had the couple’s daughter take a DNA test to prove that she was his. Why does Brian say he has reason to be concerned? Can Dr. Phil get to the root of the problem and set these two back on the path to newlywed bliss?

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When the couple complain of arguing about the same issues, Dr. Phil asks Brian to perform a test.

Dr. Phil points out what Brian “needs” to hear. Plus, the couple details some of their history.

“How much fun are you to live with?”

Can this get better? Dr. Phil addresses the couple.

Under His Control

Shaunna says her husband, Aaron, controls every aspect of her life. She says she has to ask his permission to go on a walk, and when the couple is together in public, she says Aaron won’t allow her to look anywhere but forward. Although she wears a size 9, she says he forces her to wear an 11 — and inspects every outfit she puts on. Shaunna says Aaron tells her exactly how much makeup she can put on and whether or not she can curl her hair. She says Aaron controls all of the couple’s finances to the extent that she has no payment method in her name. But, it’s Aaron’s physical behavior that Shaunna says worries her the most. She says Aaron has spit on her, punched a wall next to her head and pushed her out of a chair. Find out why Aaron agrees to see Dr. Phil and then doesn’t show. Where does Shaunna go from here?

Dr. Phil lists off Aaron’s controlling ways.

Is Shaunna in an abusive relationship? Dr. Phil gives his opinion.