As a litigation consultant, Dr. Phil has been involved in many of the highest profile First Amendment cases in the last twenty years, defending the right to free speech.

With U.S. soldiers laying their lives on the line in Iraq defending our country, is protesting against the war un-American? Or is it simply the expression of our right to free speech?

He discusses both sides of the issue with the family of a prisoner of war, a mother who is about to be deployed to Iraq, and anti-war protesters.

Anti-War Protesters
Young men and women are risking their lives defending our country in Iraq, while here in the States, anti-war protesters block traffic and disrupt daily routines. Is protesting un-American? Medea and Michelle, don't think so.

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What's your opinion?
With soldiers dying in Iraq defending our country, is this the time to take to the streets to protest the war?


Prisoner of War
Imagine waking up every morning knowing your
daughter is a POW in Iraq. How do you live with that? Dr. Phil talks with the aunt of a POW who says her sister and brother-in-law live with that stress every day.



Update: On Sunday, April 13, Shoshana and six other POW's were freed. During three weeks of captivity, Shoshana, the only female POW, suffered a gunshot wound to her ankle.

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Dottie and Francisco
The pressure of having four of five children serving in the military during an active war is taking its toll on Dottie and Francisco's family.

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