World-renowned psychic medium and author of the novel, Fallen Masters, John Edward returns to Dr. Phil to help connect guests and audience members to loved ones on the other side. First, Jennifer says her husband, Neil, is frantically preparing for the end of the world — which he believes will happen this December — and it’s causing a major conflict in their marriage. She says Neil has spent thousands of dollars to stock their home with food, water and ammunition, and has even taken money from their daughters’ college funds. What compelled Neil to start preparing for the worst? And, can John offer insight into Neil’s fear? Then, meet Andrea, who admits that she’s so obsessed with calling psychic hotlines that she’s lost her house, car and more than $50,000. Are there deeper issues at play? John and Dr. Phil work together to help Andrea live in the present world. Plus, 21-year-old Jansen survived the recent mass shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, but her boyfriend, Jonathan, tragically lost his life. The young woman shares her heartbreaking experience — and later gets a private reading with John. Can John connect Jansen with her lost love? And, Ria, who witnessed a murder as a teenager and spent 12 years in prison for failing to report it to authorities, seeks forgiveness. Plus, meet Patricia, who consults her crystal — not psychics — for spiritual guidance.

End of the World?

Neil says he believes a dramatic change in the weather, earthquakes, meteorites or other catastrophic events will cause the world to end this December — and this belief is causing conflict in his marriage. Jennifer says Neil became obsessed with the world ending about a year ago and has since been frantically stocking their house with $3,000 worth of supplies, in preparation.

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See Neil’s “End of the World” stockpile, which adds up to more than 2,000 items. Plus, John weighs in on the controversial topic. Does he think the end of the world is near?

Obsessed with Psychics

Andrea admits she’s addicted to psychics and has even been banned from 10 psychic hotlines as a result of her self-proclaimed obsession, which she says started about 10 years ago. “I want the psychics to tell me that everything’s going to be OK,” she says. Andrea says over the years, she’s spent at least $50,000 on psychics and even lost her house because she spent money on calling hotlines instead of paying her bills.

Are there deeper issues at play with Andrea’s obsession? Dr. Phil and John work together to help get Andrea back in touch with reality.

Life after Loss

Jansen and her boyfriend, Jon, were inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater when a masked gunman stormed in and opened fire one month ago, marking one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. Jansen says Jon pushed her to the ground and protected her as the bullets flew. “My hair was completely matted in blood,” Jansen recalls of the horror. “I had blood all over my chest and all down my shirt.” Jon, who was lying next to Jansen, was shot, and did not survive.

Jansen describes her horrific experience and explains how she’s trying to get past her devastating grief.

Must-See: Watch Jansen’s private reading with John Edward backstage. Can he help connect her with Jon?

Seeking Forgiveness

Ria, 33, says when she was 17, she witnessed her mother’s boyfriend and his brother rob and kill a man. She stayed quiet for two weeks but was eventually arrested after one of the brothers turned himself in to police and revealed that she witnessed the crime. Ria was convicted of accountability first-degree murder and armed robbery, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She was released 12 years later, after successfully appealing her sentence. Now happily married with two children, she’s seeking forgiveness and strength to move past the guilt that she feels.

Before John can try to read Ria, he says another spirit interrupts and pulls his attention to the audience. See the emotional reading that ensues.

Can John provide Ria with some comfort in her search for forgiveness? And, Dr. Phil offers her advice on how to move forward.

Consulting a Crystal

Patricia says she seeks guidance in her crystal before making big decisions — including appearing on Dr. Phil. “It’s sort of sacred for me,” Patricia says when describing her crystal, which hangs from a string. She says the crystal told her that she should appear on the show, but the message wasn’t entirely positive. “I asked specifically if this would be a good show, and that’s where there was some indifference.”

When asked for his thoughts on Patricia and her crystal, John replies, “I don’t think she’s crazy.” He says the crystal is simply a tool that she uses for spiritual guidance. "So, the way an astrologer uses a chart, the way a numerologist uses numbers, the way a card reader uses cards, it's a tool."