Nikki, 16, says she loves to fight and brags that she once cracked a girl’s head on the concrete and has broken cheekbones and noses. What’s at the root of her rage? Dr. Phil delves deep into Nikki’s past to find the source of her pain. And, Nikki’s mom, Yvette, says she feels helpless and fears her daughter will end up dead or in prison, but is she modeling bad behavior? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.

Brutal Beauty: Nikki

Yvette says her 16-year-old daughter, Nikki, is completely out of control. She says Nikki parties all night, sleeps all day and fights with everyone. “I have zero control over Nikki. I feel helpless,” she says. “I have three children. She’s the only one that will just not listen.” Yvette says Nikki got into her first fight in the 8th grade, and has been arrested monthly since.She says that despite the arrests — and even threatening a drive-by shooting last week — the police have been unwilling to take further action. Yvette blames Nikki’s behavior on her marijuana and alcohol abuse, and says she knows Nikki is now selling drugs too.

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Nikki proudly brags that she’s been in countless fights and has beaten up her sister, an ex-boyfriend, friends, and even perfect strangers — and posts the fight footage on Facebook and YouTube. “I like to get it handled at the time so I don’t have to go back and fight that person again,” she says. Nikki admits fighting is a stress-reliever and when she fights, she says she blacks out. She also admits to drinking and smoking marijuana every day. “I love to party,” she says. But Nikki also says she’s embarrassed about her behavior and is ready to grow up. Dr. Phil goes deep into Nikki’s past and reveals how the death of her father, when she was 6 years old, could be why she’s acting out.

Watch footage of Nikki fight. And, learn about an incident just last week.

An anonymous, unsolicited e-mail makes shocking accusations against Yvette. How does Yvette explain herself?

Must-See: Nikki says she doesn’t go looking for a fight. How does she answer to an allegation that she participated in a home invasion just last week?

Nikki loses her cool.

“It was hard watching him go from a man to a vegetable.” Nikki breaks down discussing the loss of her father.

Nikki tearfully tells her mom what she wants from their relationship.

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  • There’s a formula in a relationship; the quality of a relationship is a function by which is meets the needs of the two people involved.
  • People say time heals all wounds. Time heals nothing; it’s what you do in that time that makes a difference.