Levi and Bob say their once-perfect, honor roll student, Tiffani, has changed into someone they don’t know, and she is terrorizing the family.  Dr. Phil takes a look into their family dynamics. How might Bob and Levi be contributing to Tiffani's recklessness? Plus, hear from Tiffani. You may be surprised to hear why she says she acts out. This show contains strong language. Parental discretion is advised.

Tiffani’s Temper

Fifteen-year-old Tiffani’s parents, Bob and Levi, say their daughter’s violence escalates every time she is released from juvenile hall. Levi says Tiffani is mean and evil, has spit in her face, beaten her up, and threatened to push her off a balcony. “I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” she says. Levi says that in the last incident, Tiffani threatened to kill her, and says that Tiffani told a family member if she had a gun, she would kill herself and her mother. “I’m afraid for my life,” Levi says. Tiffani’s father, Bob, says his daughter has had so many run-ins with the law, he knows his town’s police department on a first name basis.

Tiffani has been accused of stealing a car and drinking at school. “I do whatever I want, and no one can tell me no,” she says.

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Learn of the incident that resulted in Tiffani attacking her father and being charged with assault.

Dr. Phil cameras catch Tiffani flying into a rage.

Parents to Blame?

Bob and Levi say their family dynamic is complicated by their ongoing divorce. The once-couple say they have tried to be consistent with discipline, but admit there have been inconsistencies in the past. What does Dr. Phil think?

“Are you here to defend your parenting, or get help?”

Dr. Phil lists off Bob and Levi’s parenting missteps.

Tiffani Opens Up

Tiffani admits she has a problem with anger and wants help. Where does she say her rage stems from?

Dr. Phil hears firsthand from Tiffani what has her so angry.

Dr. Phil and Tiffani talk one-on-one.

Dr. Phil offers Tiffani help, and the teen agrees to consider it.