It’s been three years since Nadya Suleman, also known as “Octomom,” last met with Dr. Phil. The single mother of 14 returns to provide a glimpse into her life and a better understanding of the controversial choices she’s made — is it too late to repair her reputation? Public Relations expert Howard Bragman weighs in. Hear why Nadya says she starred in an adult video and performed at a Florida strip club. Would she do it again? Plus, Dr. Phil cameras go inside Nadya’s home, which some have criticized as being disheveled. With little outside help, how does she say she makes order of the chaos? Then, Alicia made headlines when she was arrested for leaving her four children, ages 4 to 10, home alone. Why does she say it was all a misunderstanding? Alicia’s best friend, Eric, says the arrest is just the tip of the iceberg: He says Alicia drinks too much and moves boyfriends in and out of her home — some of whom are violent toward her in front of the kids — and he’s afraid someone will get hurt. Eric and Dr. Phil join forces to open Alicia’s eyes to the damage her behavior may be causing. Are Alicia’s priorities in order?

Nadya vs. “Octomom” More than three years ago, Nadya Suleman, then-single mother of 6, gave birth to octuplets, creating a media firestorm. Now still making headlines, the 37-year-old single mother of 14 says she's trying to shed her negative “Octomom” image and repair her reputation — but is it too late?

“There’s really almost — almost — nothing I won’t do to provide for my family,” Nadya says. “If you’re not liked, the reality is: you’re not marketable.”

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Must-See: Nadya provides a glimpse into her world. How does she manage to care for 14 children?

Nadya explains why she took her clothes off for money, after she said she wouldn't. “I’ve had to eat so many of my words.”

Can Nadya’s public image be repaired? Dr. Phil reveals tips from Hollywood crisis management expert and Vice Chairman of Howard Bragman.

Bad Mom or Bad Choices?

In April, Alicia, 28, made local headlines when she was arrested for leaving her four children, ages 4 to 10, home alone. She says on that morning, she was in a hurry to get to work and ran out the door as the babysitter pulled into the driveway. “I never introduced the babysitter to my kids,” she admits. “My 10-year-old has a phone, and I told her if she didn’t like her, if anything happened, to call me.” After police were called and social service workers met with the children, Alicia says her 10-year-old daughter made up a story, saying Alicia hit her and left her and her siblings alone in the house. “She came up with a lot of good stuff,” Alicia says, admitting that because of what her daughter said, she was arrested on four counts of child endangerment. After spending 26 hours in jail, Alicia says the state dismissed the charges against her. “I’m not a danger to my kids. I’m not an unfit mom.”

Alicia’s best friend, Eric, says he’s concerned about Alicia because she drinks and parties, and makes poor choices in men. “Alicia’s kids have been, unfortunately, subjected to a lot,” he says. “They’ve seen their mom fight with boyfriends, and they’ve seen her drink.” Eric says Alicia has exposed her kids to “a string of short-term relationships,” and he’s afraid if the wrong person moves into her home, someone will get hurt. “It’s only going to be a matter of time before something tragic happens to either her or her children.”

Why didn’t Alicia wait to talk to the babysitter, whom she admits she had never met? 

Dr. Phil shares shocking statistics about abuse and why Alicia's children may be at risk.

“Do not let these men have access to your children.”