Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re fed up with their loved ones who keep bullying them about their weight. First, Valinda says her husband, Doug, calls her “Fatty,” “Wide Load” and “Big Girl” and even makes cow noises while she eats ice cream. She says the constant ridicule is not only damaging her self-esteem, but it’s also destroying their marriage. Valinda says she’s tried diets and has successfully lost weight, but claims that Doug’s lack of support sabotages her progress. Doug says he’s just trying to help motivate his wife to get healthy. Dr. Phil reminds Doug, who has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology, that he’s way off the mark. Then, Donna says she’ll try to lose weight, but only if her son, Gary, stops picking on her about her size. Gary says his mom is lazy and needs to start exercising and stop eating junk food. Hear why his criticism may be adding more pounds to his mother’s frame. Plus, Liz Vaccariello, author of The Digest Diet, discusses the power of positivity in weight loss. Don’t miss her tips on shedding unwanted pounds. And, meet Adrienne, who has struggled with her weight since her teens. She says she has finally lost more than 60 pounds with Liz’s help. Can she help inspire Valinda and Donna to get healthy?

Valinda and Doug

Valinda says her husband, Doug, constantly razzes her about her weight and makes cow and pig noises if she eats junk food. “If that ice cream tub is empty, I’ll hear a pig sound,” Valinda says.

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Doug says he just wants his wife to be healthy. “I’m trying to motivate her,” he says, adding that he feels his wife is lazy. “I’m trying to find the right button to push.”

“Who wants to be compared to a pig?” Valinda retorts. She admits that she’s gained more than 70 pounds since she first met Doug, and that she’s not happy with her current weight. But she says Doug’s badgering isn’t motivating her at all — it’s doing the opposite.

Does Doug really think he’s helping his wife? And, given his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology, should he know better?

“Despite his methodology, is he right in what he wants for you?”

Donna and Gary

Donna says her son, Gary, constantly humiliates her about her weight. “’Look at you. Look at your belly,’” she says Gary tells her. She admits that she eats fast food all the time and loves sweets. “I weigh 252, and I’m not proud to say it.”

“She has no self-control or willpower,” Gary says about his mother. “She will eat what she wants, regardless.” Doug says years ago, his mother was physically active and in good shape.

Donna admits that her weight has taken a toll on her physically. She says she gets winded easily while walking, has hip and back pain and her knee “goes out” occasionally.

“It pains me in my heart to watch her struggle to walk, to watch her give up,” Gary says.

“I’ve hit rock bottom,” Donna admits.

“Why do you not care enough about yourself to take better care of yourself?”

To help open Donna’s eyes to the dangers she may be facing, Robin shares her heartbreaking story about her mother’s untimely passing.

Dr. Phil demonstrates how to trick your brain into getting excited for healthy snacks.

Lifestyle Change

Dr. Phil introduces Valinda and Donna to Liz Vaccariello, author of The Digest Diet. “Attitude is everything when it comes to weight, when it comes to any diet program,” Liz says. She says first and foremost, you should change your inner dialogue and set yourself up for success. “Find something to love and respect about your body,” she says, despite whatever negative thoughts you might have toward yourself.

Valinda and Donna say they’ve tried dozens of diet programs over the years and failed. Dr. Phil tells them that their internal dialogue may be the reason. “Words are powerful, and internal words are extremely powerful.”

Liz adds that motivation should come from within, not from external forces. “You have to find that inner motivation, [otherwise] when you hit those hurdles, when you’re derailed, you won’t have the positive attitude to turn back and try again.”

Dr. Phil tells Valinda and Donna that renowned nutritionist and personal trainer Robert Reames has offered to help set up a program for them that incorporates The Digest Diet and Robert's Visual Eating and Exercise Plan. Dr. Phil turns to Doug and Gary and says, “You guys can check out. It’s not your job anymore. You’re passing the torch to all of us.”

Adrienne says she went from a size 18 to an 8 after years of struggling with her weight. How did she do it?

The Digest Diet is a diet and exercise program. A typical user who reduces calories by 500 per day will lose about one pound per week. Results will vary based on individual efforts.

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