For the people who appear on Dr. Phil, the real work begins when they go home and begin taking his advice. Take a look at how doing just that has paid off for some very happy guests.

On "Are You Ready for Plastic Surgery?" Della explained that she desperately wanted to reduce her painfully large 42HH breasts " even though her husband was against it; Tiffany worried that complications from six nose jobs were ruining her wedding plans; and Amy,18, wanted to have several procedures in order to gain "confidence."
Cheryl appeared on "People Pleasers and Doormats" because she was spending thousands of dollars on friends. Debbie, who appeared on an "Ask Dr. Phil," wrote in because her husband Ronnie was spending more time with his remote-controlled car "Suzi" than he was with her. Julie appeared on "Worst Spouse in America" after her husband nominated her as the worst slob! 

Did Tiffany (left), who appeared on "Bullies," stop picking on other kids? Has Penny, a mom who appeared on a show about "Adult Bullies" stopped bullying her family? Plus, an update on the anti-bullying campaign that Jay McGraw has been introducing in schools.



Molly was obsessed with becoming a cheerleader when she appeared on a "Kids and Weight Follow-up," despite weighing 220 pounds. Did she make the squad? Leslie appeared on a show about "Moving On" after a painful experience. Has she let go? On "Sex Wars," Dr. Phil spoke to Rachelle, a frustrated newlywed who was tired of begging her husband for sex.
See how Dr. Phil's advice has changed the lives of these guests.