One year ago, Bob and Ginger wrote Dr. Phil, desperately seeking help for their 29-year-old daughter, Morgan, who they said was slowly starving herself to death. At the time, Morgan was down to a mere 80 pounds, her organs had begun to shut down, her extremities were blue, and they said they believed Morgan’s 20-year battle with anorexia was nearing a tragic end. With their plea for help answered, Morgan was scheduled to be a guest on Dr. Phil, but days before she was to appear on the show, she backed out, claiming she could “handle her own recovery.” Now 120 pounds, Morgan has put on weight but says that she is treating her eating disorder — and the anxiety she feels from gaining weight — with the help of prescription pills. She admits to sometimes taking as many as 20 Xanax in one day, and says she’s so desperate to end her pain that she’s put a gun to her head to end her life — four times. Morgan admits that she’s become an “exceptional liar” and has deceived her way through seven treatment facilities. Her parents say they feel helpless, and her mother, Ginger, admits that sometimes he wishes, “God would just take her.” Dr. Phil takes a close look into Morgan’s family dynamics.

"I Hate How My Body Has Betrayed Me"

Morgan, who struggles with anorexia, has gained 40 pounds on her own. But, she's far from healthy. Morgan says, in a typical day, she takes two Hydrocodone, 20 Xanax, and one Oxycodone to cope with the anxiety she feels from gaining weight. Her father, Bob, says he has been dispensing Morgan’s medication, but knows that she is getting drugs on the street, doctor shopping and trading pills behind his back. Morgan's mom, Ginger, admits, “This has brought Morgan to an all-new low."

Morgan’s sister, Amanda, says she recently caught Morgan wandering around a parking lot, barely able to walk or talk. She says Morgan’s skin was yellow and her tongue was swollen. Amanda says Morgan had a white powder underneath her nose and was “completely strung out on something.” Amanda says she suspected Morgan was abusing heroin. Morgan denies using heroin but admits that she is manipulative and a liar. “I don’t have the energy to lie anymore,” she concedes. Is she ready to get help?

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Watch shocking video of Morgan then — and now. ”I start taking Xanax by the fours, until I wake up the next morning — or the next afternoon.”

“I am an exceptional liar … I will say things and not even realize that I’m lying.”

The Family Equation

Dr. Phil tells Bob and Ginger that he will help Morgan and needs to know they are “prepared to play hardball.” The parents tell Dr. Phil they are on board, but when they react to learning of Morgan’s suicide attempts, Dr. Phil has some strong words for them.

Morgan reveals that she’s put a loaded gun to her head and pulled the trigger — four times.

"This is exactly why people need to recognize when they are in over their head."

"You Never Surrender to the Disease"

“You haven't lost your compassion, you’ve just lost your way.”

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