When 22-year-old Amanda last appeared on Dr. Phil, she was living in a motel room, prostituting herself for drugs and on the brink of death. After an intense intervention, Amanda agreed to go to rehab. But while en route to the treatment facility, she changed her mind and walked away from the airport. Refusing to give up on her, Dr. Phil producers tracked Amanda down and encouraged her to go to rehab — and in the process, rescued her 27-year-old drug-addicted friend, also named Amanda. Now several months into treatment, hear from both women about their journeys to sobriety. Where are they now? And, what message do they have for young girls headed down a similar path? Then, Kathy says when she discovered her 17-year-old daughter, Molly, was working as a prostitute, she had the teen’s alleged pimp arrested. Find out why Molly says her mother only made matters worse. Plus, hear from Molly’s father, Mark. How does he feel about his daughter's life choices? And, how can he help influence her to change? If you know a self-destructive teen in need of help, don't miss this show! This show contains strong language and strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

The Two Amandas

When Dr. Phil last saw Amanda G. several months ago, she was walking away from the airport — away from help. But after being back on the streets for two weeks, she had a change of heart and agreed to go to rehab, along with her friend, Amanda T.

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“When I first met Amanda, it was like instant best friends,” Amanda T. says. “The crowd that Amanda and I were running with was extremely dangerous — drug dealers, pimps.” Amanda T. says their drug use was out of control. “Amanda and I could never get high enough.” She says that she and Amanda G. overdosed on drugs at least four times a week, during which they would suffer from seizures and convulsions. “We were just sick — so sick.”

Angie Spivey, who helped transport both Amandas to treatment, says the women's lives were in danger. “I saw two girls who would be dead within weeks,” she says of the night the women arrived for transport.

Watch as both women are transported to rehab after a night of heavy drug use. And, see how Amanda G. is doing now.

Amanda T. explains how she was lured into the world of drugs — and how she escaped. “It kind of feels like a Cinderella story.”

Amanda explains how her drug use led to the amputation of her finger. And, Officer Ed Moffat, who helped rescue both women, reveals what happened to their alleged pimp. Plus, hear from Amanda T.’s mom, Carla.

Saving Molly

Kathy says she recently found out her 17-year-old daughter, Molly, was prostituting herself, after discovering an online sex advertisement with the teen’s photo attached to it. “A friend of Molly’s sent me a message on Facebook, letting me know that Molly was being recruited to start an escort service,” she says. Kathy believes a male friend pressured Molly into prostitution.

“I was struggling with money, and I needed to get out of my parents’ house,” Molly explains. She says her friend, whom she met at a rave, brought up the idea of her becoming an escort. After deciding to go through with it, she says she went by the name “Candie,” and charged $200 for a half hour and $300 for a full hour. Kathy says she started tracking her daughter’s phone and ultimately found her and her friend at a motel. She says she called police and had Molly’s alleged pimp arrested.

“That * everything up,” Molly says of the arrest. “We had plans to make more money, and how are you supposed to do that when your partner is in jail?” She says she was only a prostitute for one week.

Kathy says she has filed a restraining order to keep Molly’s alleged pimp away from her daughter — but both he and Molly have violated the order, twice resulting in his arrest. “I couldn’t let go of him,” Molly says. “I didn’t want to.”

“Have you adjusted your moral compass to where it points to this as being OK?”

Why is Molly angry at her mother? And, can Amanda T. help open Molly’s eyes to her destructive choices?

Molly’s dad, Mark, joins the show via Polycom and says that he didn’t punish his daughter for prostituting herself, but he did tell her not to do it again. “I’m trying to reach her,” he says. “Punishment is one thing, but I’m trying to reach her and bring her back. I’m trying to bring my daughter back from this personal hell that she’s in.”

Dr. Phil asks Mark what his strategy is for bringing Molly back, and he admits, “I really don’t have a master plan. I don’t think anyone could have a master plan or a road map.”

“I would suggest a master plan, actually,” Dr. Phil tells Mark. “I would hope that maybe we could all work together to come up with a plan.”

“I wish I hadn’t been so vulnerable the night that I met him."