On April 16, 2001, two lives were forever changed. One, a man gunned down in cold blood, and the other, a teenage girl named Kiera, who was convicted of his murder and sentenced to 60 years to life in prison. After serving over 19 years in prison, Kiera was released early and has continued to claim she is innocent and was falsely incarcerated. Today, Dr. Phil exams Kiera’s case and speaks with her lawyers, who call Kiera’s conviction “the starkest miscarriage of justice” they have ever seen. Dr. Phil looks at all the evidence Kiera and her attorneys claim is proof that she had nothing to do with this horrendous crime. Plus, hear from Kiera’s high school teacher who testified that Kiera was in her classroom at the very same time the murder took place. But that’s not all, also hear from a key witness for the prosecution -- has he now changed his story?

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