If you hate your body, are tired of feeling fat or sluggish, feel self-conscious, don't like looking in the mirror " or know someone who feels this way " it's time to get real.
With 30 years of experience studying obesity and working with the overweight population, Dr. Phil can help you change your weight, your life and how you feel about yourself. The journey starts from the inside out.

Thousands of people sent in videotapes explaining why they want to be selected to be part of Dr. Phil's "Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge" on national TV.

Throughout the year, the people who are chosen will compete against themselves and each other to lose weight, redesign their lifestyles, change their body image, self-image, and their way of being in this world ... forever.
Take a look at some of the people who want to be selected for Dr. Phil's challenge. 

Dr. Phil's new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom is the starting point for his ongoing series. As part of the challenge, Dr. Phil will walk you through the book over the coming year.



Find out what inspired Dr. Phil to take on the epidemic of obesity.


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