Dr. Phil’s guests say their family members are arrogant, entitled and think the world revolves around them. Seanna says her 25-year-old daughter, Corinne, compares herself to Gandhi and believes she’s so special that she deserves to star in her own reality show — but is she in need of a reality check? Corinne says her pretty face belongs on magazine covers, and admits that she manipulates people to get what she wants. What is driving her arrogance? When Dr. Phil uncovers a painful secret from her past, will she let down her guard? Then, Rosemarie is a mom of three and engaged to be married to Brian — she's also a self-proclaimed narcissist who admits that she seldom considers anyone else’s feelings. Rosemarie says it’s all about getting what she wants when she wants it — and she will stop at nothing to fulfill her desires. She admits that she alienates friends and family and is aware that her self-absorption may be destroying her relationship with her fiancé. Now, Rosemarie fears her narcissism is rubbing off on her 9-year-old daughter. Can Dr. Phil help her see a new perspective?

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“My World Revolves around Me Completely”

Seanna wrote into the show because she says her daughter, Corinne, is a self-admitted narcissist who puts herself above all else. Corinne doesn't dispute her mom's claims, and says that she agreed to appear on the show to “represent narcissistic persons.” At 25 years old, she says she doesn't see anything wrong with being focused on herself. She says she believes she's part of a privileged class who deserves special treatment.

As Dr. Phil digs deeper into Corinne's behavior, she confides that she's had seven abortions, including two late-term ones. After the most recent one, she says she posted, “I adore myself” on Facebook. When Dr. Phil and Seanna question her about her cavalier attitude, Corinne says she feels stuck in a vicious cycle of returning to the same unhealthy relationships. “I’m sorry the pregnancies didn’t work out, but I have no regrets about the abortions,” she says.

"You said, ‘I make everyone feel special just by being beautiful.’”

Corinne shares her feelings about her multiple abortions.

A Painful Past?

Dr. Phil says he believes Corinne has created a narcissistic persona as a way of dealing with painful secrets from her past, and tells her that her behavior may be a façade for hiding the truth about how she feels about herself. “I wonder what would happen in your life if you started showing yourself genuine love,” Dr. Phil says. Then he gives her surprising advice: “It’s time to be selfish on your own behalf.”

Dr. Phil offers Corinne help. 

“I Cannot Get Enough of Myself”

Rosemarie is a mother of three who isn’t shy about admitting that it's all about her. “It is me, me, me — all the time,” she says. Rosemarie says she loves looking at herself in the mirror and snapping photos of herself in her car, and she says she isn’t shy about interrupting people when they are speaking.

“I go the extra mile to get what I want, when I want it,” she admits. On one occasion, she says she even stole a previous employer’s credit card and made nine separate transactions for clothing, shoes, handbags and scarves — totaling more than $3,500.

Rosemarie’s fiancé, Brian, says there is no compromise with her, and although he’s committed to their relationship, she's constantly testing him.

Rosemarie says she is concerned that her 9-year-old daughter is beginning to mimic her narcissistic behavior. Dr. Phil tells her, “The most powerful role model in any child’s life is the same-sex parent.” Will she set aside her selfish ways to be a better example to her young daughter?

Rosemarie explains her narcissism to Dr. Phil. And, her fiancé, Brian, shares how he fell for her.

Dr. Phil asks Rosemarie a question he says she’s never been asked before.

How can Rosemarie prevent her young daughter from repeating her behavior?