Of the thousands of people who sent in tapes to be part of the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, Dr. Phil reveals the finalists. They will compete against themselves and each other to reach their weight loss and life goals, making changes from the inside out.


Their journey will be demanding and life-changing ... but it will also be incredibly rewarding. If the challengers follow Dr. Phil's plan, in addition to getting the rewards of health, new bodies, new lifestyles, and a new way of thinking and feeling, they will also get the chance for Dr. Phil to make one of their dreams come true.

Dr. Phil challenges everyone who wants to lose weight to do it now. It's not a quick and easy diet " Dr. Phil's "Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge" involves getting real about your weight, your life, and following his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.

Mark is the online leader for the challenge, chosen by Dr. Phil to guide this journey for everyone participating from home.

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