When Monster In-Law Khalood last met with Dr. Phil, she said that her daughter, Fallon, had become just as lazy and disrespectful as her son-in-law, Steve — and she wanted them to move out of her house. Khalood invited Dr. Phil to her home to prove that she’s not the crazy person she says everyone makes her out to be, and he quipped, “If they gave me a choice and said, ‘You can go spend 24 hours in that home, or you can get in a phone booth with an alligator and sandpaper its ass,’ I’d be in the phone booth.” Now, in a surprise twist, Dr. Phil takes Khalood up on her offer and travels to her home to get a firsthand look at what’s going on behind closed doors. What made him change his mind? And, is their living situation really as bad as Khalood says? When push comes to shove, will Fallon and Steve finally get their own place? Plus, tune in to find out why Khalood says Dr. Phil — and his viewers — owe her an apology!

  • During Khalood's last appearance, she confessed that Steve was no longer the target of her anger: it was her "Princess" daughter, Fallon.

Crazy Khalood?

Dr. Phil says he’s received a flurry of emails, voicemails and text messages from Khalood since her last appearance on the show, pleading for him to go to her house and see for himself that she’s not to blame for her family's drama. She says her daughter, Fallon, and son-in-law, Steve, are lazy, rude and turning her home into a pigsty. She also says that the stress in the household has driven a wedge between her and her husband, Jerry.

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“I sent lots of texts to the producers, because I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Khalood says. “One of the texts was: You’d better call me now, or I’m going to end up in prison.” Khalood says she’s frustrated because she’s done everything Dr. Phil told her to, but nothing has changed.

“I want the viewers to apologize to me, because I’m not the crazy one.”

Khalood shows Dr. Phil the clutter that she says Fallon and Steve leave around the house.

Why does Fallon say that she and Steve can't move out of Khalood's home?

Family Dinner with Dr. Phil

Khalood says that her family rarely sits down to dinner together — only on holidays. She prepares a meal for everyone to enjoy, including Dr. Phil. “How many dogs are joining us for dinner?” Dr. Phil asks, while counting the four-legged family members swirling under the table.

“There should be five total,” Fallon responds, adding that the dogs will sit around Khalood’s chair.

“She brings [the dogs] onto the table,” Steve says, sending Dr. Phil into disbelief.

While Dr. Phil wears a look of disbelief, Khalood reassures him  that she cleaned the table earlier in the day.

While at dinner, Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of the family's issues. Why doesn’t Fallon do laundry or pick up after herself? And, who is the real troublemaker of the household?

“You [Fallon and Steve] don’t want to move, and you [Khalood] don’t want them to move; that’s the reason why nothing ever changes here.”

Moving Out

Dr. Phil challenges Khalood and her family to a 30-day separation: Fallon and Steve move into their townhouse immediately and do not have any contact with Khalood and Jerry for one month. “Don’t bathe here, don’t shower here, don’t eat here, don’t do laundry here,” he tells the couple. He turns to Khalood and says, "You cannot feed them for 30 days, you cannot do their laundry for 30 days, you cannot mother them for 30 days."

"I think it's a great plan; but I don't think it's going to work," Khalood responds. After dinner, she reflects on what was said at the dinner table. “Dr. Phil made me think: Maybe I am a control freak,” she says. “But that’s all I’m going to admit to,” she quickly adds. “I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t take my side. He still took the three dummies’ sides.”

Fallon and Steve pack their belongings and prepare to move into their townhouse.
"If anybody breaks this agreement for the next 30 days, it's going to be Khalood," Steve predicts.

"They're going to be back," Khalood responds.

"We've been here for a long time, so it's a very secure feeling here," Fallon admits. "I'm just comfortable. It's hard to leave comfort."

Dr. Phil tells Khalood, “If you break the deal in the next 30 days, everybody in America is going to know that you are the problem.”