Teen parents Kayla, 18, and Vincent,17, say they had been dating for just four months when they discovered Kayla was pregnant. Vincent, Kayla’s mom, Jill, and stepdad, Mike, say she got pregnant intentionally, in the hopes of landing a role on one of the popular teen pregnancy reality TV shows — but did she?

A Young Star?

"She always wanted to be famous and be on a TV show,” Vincent says of his ex-girlfriend, Kayla.

Kayla admits that when her son, Milo, was first born she filled out an application to appear on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, but she wasn’t selected. She confides that she soon felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of motherhood, and gave legal custody of Milo, now 9 months, to her mom.

Jill says she’s often frustrated by how Kayla shrugs off her role as a mother. She says Kayla puts partying ahead of Milo, and only pays attention to him when she's showing him off to her friends. "Lately she’s been a total *, and has no patience with Milo,” Jill says.

“My mom doesn’t understand me because she’s not in my situation,” Kayla says.

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Hear why does Kayla says she’s not raising Milo. Plus, did she get pregnant on purpose?

Did Kayla get pregnant to be on a teen reality show?

Families at Odds

Vincent and Kayla say that they decided to break up before Milo was born. They both agree that they are better off apart, but is that all they agree on?

“She’s the devil; she’s a bad person,” Vincent says of his ex, whom he insists is still in love with him. “Kayla wants to be with me because she can’t do any better than me.”

“He’s cocky and very self-centered,” Kayla responds.

Vincent says being a father matters to him, and tells Dr. Phil that he fought for custody of Milo, but lost to Jill.

Vincent’s father, Lewis, says he's angry that neither Kayla nor Vincent is raising Milo. He says his grandson needs to be with his parents — and not with Jill.

Kayla says she would be around more for Milo if she could get along with her stepdad. “Mike is the reason why I can’t be with my son,” Kayla says.

Jill says Kayla lashes out anytime she doesn’t get her way.

Dr. Phil tells Kayla, “You’re the common denominator. You’re in every place there is a fight.”

Kayla’s older sister, Stacy, weighs in. “Kayla needs a big reality check,” she says. “I quit having a relationship with Kayla when she gave Milo to our mom. You don’t just walk out on your kid. We’re all here for Milo, but at the end of the day, he needs his mom.”

Why does Vincent say he didn’t use protection? And, what role does Vincent want in Milo's life? Then, the exes face off onstage.

“Jill has used the legal system to kidnap my grandson from his parents.”

Tensions between families run high. 

A Voice for Baby Milo

Dr. Phil tells both families what he thinks is best for Milo.

He tells Kayla, “You can delegate the raising of this child to your mother, but you cannot abdicate your role as a mother.”

“Somebody needs to speak for Milo.”

What You Must Tell Your Teen Daughter

  • Tell her to value herself enough to not let her body be used for someone's entertainment.
  • Tell her that if she loves the boy, don't give him the "teen daddy" label.
  • The teen father of the baby will not be there for her — or the baby.