Brittany says her boyfriend, Tim, is abusive and unfaithful — but she’s still considering marrying him. Tim promises that the violence and infidelity are a thing of the past and says he’s ready to make a change — but is he?

A Dangerous Love?

Brittany says that her boyfriend, Tim, is “evil, abusive and condescending.” She says he’s a ticking time bomb who is set off by the smallest thing, and when he gets angry, he yells, spits and gets physical. “I sometimes think that he could kill me,” she says.

Tim admits that he is violent, quick to anger and works himself into a blind rage. “I’ve punched Brittany in the face. I’ve kicked her. I’ve given her a concussion.” He also admits to choking her until her body goes limp and fears that he could go so far as to take Brittany’s life. “Sometimes, I feel like I can’t control myself.”

During one altercation, Tim says that he was so enraged with Brittany that he punched her in the face, causing her nose to bleed. “That made me even more mad — the fact that she was getting blood on the floor.”

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Brittany says that Tim forced her to get in the bath tub with all of her clothes on to clean up. “Then he just sat there, staring at me in the bath tub, washing the blood off of myself,” she recalls. The incident left her with two black eyes and a broken nose. “My entire face looked morphed,” she says.

During another argument, Brittany says Tim sat on her stomach while she was seven weeks pregnant. At nine weeks and two days, Brittany lost the baby. Tim says that he doesn’t take responsibility for that miscarriage. At seven months along with her second pregnancy, Brittany says Tim dragged her and banged her head on the floor.

Now, the couple is parents to a 6-month-old daughter who they say has witnessed many of their fights. Tim even admits to holding the baby while choking Brittany. “I use it as control, to have some kind of leverage over Brittany,” Tim says.

“In the moment, I don’t think Tim knows what he’s doing,” Brittany says. She says that Tim doesn’t feel any remorse for his actions. “Tim always thinks that it’s my fault; that I deserved it. I disrespected him, so he had to show me how upset he was,” Brittany explains.

Tim says he sees it differently. He says he apologizes to Brittany and feels disgusted with himself. “I’ve created a living hell for her,” he says. Despite the violence, Tim says he wants to marry Brittany. “I am extremely in love with her,” he says, adding, “I believe 100 percent that all the violence is over and done with.”

Brittany says she will consider marriage with Tim if he can change.

Dr. Phil reads off nine separate instances where Tim says he attacked Brittany.

Brittany says she fears for her 6-month-old daughter when she’s left in Tim’s care. Why does she leave her alone with him?

“Tim doesn’t only cheat on me with women …”

Dr. Phil reminds Brittany of her commitment as a mother. And, he grills Tim about his recklessness.

Dr. Phil prepares what could be a glimpse into Tim’s future. “Every word he spoke was a direct quote from you.”

Dr. Phil hears troubling information about Tim’s psychiatrist. “He says she needs to accept responsibility for the abuse.”

Dr. Phil tells Tim that he will get him professional help only if he stays away from Brittany for the immediate future. “I will not enable you to kill this woman."

Tim accepts Dr. Phil's help.