When Troy and Dayna locked up their newly-renovated house and moved to another state, they say two squatters moved in — and refused to leave! How did this happen, and who should have legal rights to the home? Then, John and Nancy say they're forced to live above their garage because their “freeloading” 31-year-old daughter and her three children have taken over their house. What will it take to get her living on her own?

Squatter's Rights?

When Troy got a job offer in Indiana, he and his wife decided to sell their house and move. They renovated the home but were unable to sell it, so they locked it up for the winter and moved. Within weeks, they say strangers moved in, claimed the house was theirs and refused to leave. The alleged squatters say they paid Alfonso Carrillo, who’s accused of repeatedly taking over homes he doesn’t own and selling or renting them. Troy and Dayna say they’ve never met Carrillo, but investigators believe he targeted them in what they call a massive real estate scam. Now the couple and their two daughters, ages 9 and 3, live out of suitcases in a hotel, while they face a legal battle that could take years to resolve. What makes matters worse is Troy and Dayna say that the stress of being homeless is taking its toll on their marriage, as well as their health.

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How can the law protect alleged squatters?

Dr. Phil explains Adverse Possession. Plus, a real estate lawyer weighs in.

Dr. Phil is concerned for how Dayna is coping.


Dr. Phil surprises Troy and Dayna with the news that Bank of America, the lender on their house, is going to give them $4,000 to help with temporary housing and a home retention specialist to guide them through the process of trying to reclaim their home. A relieved Troy and Dayna thank Dr. Phil.

Alfonso Carrillo is behind bars, currently charged with 25 criminal counts, including theft, burglary, criminal trespass, forgery and felony racketeering.

Enabling a "Freeloader?"

John and Nancy say they're forced to live above their garage because their “freeloading” 31-year-old daughter, Kylea, and her three children have taken over their house. They say in the nine years she's been living with them, Kylea has paid minimal rent, the house is becoming a wreck and confrontations have gotten violent.

Kylea says her parents treat her like a teenager and try to control her and her children. She says her mother calls her a loser, a cheat and a thief, and she thinks her parents hate her. “I’m not this monster that they’re portraying me as,” she says.

How did Kylea and her kids end up with free rein of the house? 

Go inside John and Nancy’s house. And, John explains an incident that could’ve killed him.

Dr. Phil has a heart-to-heart with Kylea.

Dr. Phil tells Kylea that she owes her parents an apology. She looks to her father and says she’s sorry for the things she’s said and done. John tells his daughter that he’s not proud of the things she’s done, but he’s always been proud that she’s his daughter.

Dr. Phil tells them that the whole family needs help. He offers them resources to help them for 90 days, and says that if at the end of that time nothing has changed, John and Nancy should kick out Kylea and her children. “Necessity is the mother of invention, and she isn’t ever going to grow up until she has to,” he says.

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