Dr. Phil’s guests say they are overworked and overwhelmed moms who are at their breaking points. First, Miranda, 21, is a mother of two and says that she’s responsible for all of the household chores, while her husband, Dakota, 23, plays golf, gambles and hangs out with his friends. Miranda says she cries almost every day and feels resentful toward her husband. Dakota admits he likes to have a good time but says that he works hard to support his family and feels that Miranda should be responsible for all of the housework. He says that his young wife gets easily overstressed and that she is the problem. Can Dr. Phil help these two negotiate a plan that works for both of them? Then, Jessa has 10 kids, including 1-year-old triplets, and admits she’s overwhelmed but says her controlling nature makes it hard to delegate household tasks. Her husband, Jeremy, says Jessa takes care of everyone — except herself. Professional organizer Julie Morgenstern takes a trip to Jessa’s home. Can she help Jessa streamline her daily tasks and put herself first? And, to pamper these moms under pressure, Robin McGraw showers Miranda and Jessa with specially-selected gifts made available by OpenSky.com. Learn how you can buy some of Robin’s favorite products — and more!

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The Young Couple

Miranda says that she works 32 hours per week as a hair stylist, but when she gets home she’s solely responsible for the couple’s 3-year-old and 3-month-old — and all the housework. “I’m fed with up with my husband not helping around the house,” Miranda says. “I want him to help out more. I don’t want to feel so overwhelmed. My husband would rather fish, golf, hunt or rope than help me out.” Miranda says that Dakota doesn’t come home at least three days a week, and she eats dinner by herself. She says if she ever gets the opportunity to go out, Dakota doesn’t let her stay out late. She says she wants to end the double standard where she does all the work and he has all the fun.

Dakota says that he gets up at six every morning and works until dark. “When I get home, I don’t feel like sweeping the floor. In other words, I’ve been at it all damn day. I feel it’s her responsibility,” Dakota says. He blames their problems on her age. “My wife is too immature. She’s overwhelmed because she’s young, for starters. She’s got some learning to do and some growing up to do.”

Dr. Phil tells Dakota that having a job doesn’t give him a pass at home. He encourages Miranda and Dakota to come up with a plan that works for both of them. “Relationships need to be negotiated, and the negotiation never stops,” he says.

Dr. Phil has Dakota and Miranda rate their marriage on a scale from one to 10. Learn who rates their marriage higher!

Dr. Phil tries to show Dakota that his wife’s needs are not being met .“You’re on the Dr. Phil show. She didn’t write in to tell me how well things were going.”

Dr. Phil tells Dakota that having a job doesn’t give him a pass at home. He encourages Miranda and Dakota to come up with a plan that works for both of them. “Relationships need to be negotiated, and the negotiation never stops,” he says.

A Family of 12!

Jessa says that when she married Jeremy, the couple blended their seven children. Together, they decided to have one child — and had triplets. Mother of 10 Jessa says she loves her job as a stay-at-home mom, but acknowledges that she lives in a constant state of chaos and is reaching her breaking point. “My mind is never at ease,” she says. Jessa admits that she puts herself last always. “I’m not here to enjoy my life. It is about taking care of my family,” she says.

“Jessa has a habit of putting everyone else first,” Jeremy says. “She’s good at it, but she does wear herself down.”

“If I don’t take care of everything, it will fall apart.” So, why won’t Jessa let Jeremy help her?

Take an inside look at Jessa’s hectic schedule. Plus, Dr. Phil tells Jessa why it may become difficult to continue to do it all herself.

Professional organizer Julie Morgenstern visits Jessa at home. Can she help her carve out more time for herself?

Pampering by Robin

Robin joins Jessa and Miranda onstage. Jessa shares that the last time she had her hair done was two years ago. “If I had a day to myself, I would probably go to the spa,” she tells Robin.

Miranda tells Robin that a luxury for her would be one uninterrupted hour by herself every day.

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