Three celebrities who have zero experience with children babysit five loud, opinionated and out-of-control kids, ages 6 to 12, in a quest to be named the “Best Celebrity Babysitter.” First, Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker takes the children to a bakery and quickly realizes that young kids and sugar don’t mix. Don’t miss the moment that drives Patti over the edge! Then, house flipper and designer Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out brings the children to a 150,000 square-foot furniture store — and loses one of them! And, Kalon McMahon made single moms across the world mad when he referred to Emily Maynard’s daughter as “baggage” on The Bachelorette. Attempting to redeem himself, Kalon takes the kids to an indoor trampoline park. After spending the day with children, will it change his mind about them? Who will the kids pick to win the competition?

Meet the Babysitters

Reality TV stars, Patti Stanger, Jeff Lewis and Kalon McMahon don’t have any children of their own and admit that they haven’t spent much time with one child, let alone five. They embark on a challenge: babysit the same five kids — whom they’ve never met — without any help, and see who is named the best babysitter.

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Patti and Jeff say they’re considering adopting. “I’m adopted, and I’ve been thinking about adoption; I’ve been investigating it lately,” Patti says. “So, this is a great thing for me to do.” She says she has three nephews, but her sister doesn’t let her babysit them.

Jeff says he's always planned on adopting two to three children. "I may change my mind after [babysitting five kids],” he jests.

Dr. Phil teases Kalon about his "baggage" comment and asks how it resonates with him today. Kalon responds, “Unfortunately, I think it’s something that’s going to haunt me for a while, but to be honest, I love other people’s kids.” He says once the babysitting competition is complete, the world will know how good he is with children.

Meet the Children

Michaela, 10, says when she grows up, she wants to be a movie star. “I don’t need a babysitter, because I know how to take care of myself,” she boasts.

Daniel, 11, admits that he often gets into trouble but says he’s really a genius. “Babysitters are challenged by me because I know how to keep them on their toes,” he says. Daniel says he has attention deficit disorder, or ADD, and needs a babysitter who knows how to handle children like him.

“I may be 6, but my giggles say I’m 7,” Beatrice says. “Babysitters love me because I’m cute.”

Alex, 12, says he loves sports and is fun to be around. “Babysitters love having me around because they can put me in charge,” he says.

“I am a sassy 8-year-old, and no one can mess with me,” Rose says. “I’m just a smart as any babysitter, and I tell them that too.”

Patti brings the children to one of her favorite bakeries. See what pushes her over the edge!

Jeff takes the children to a furniture store to help shop for clients, and he brings along his housekeeper, Zoila, who has three kids of her own. Is he cheating?

See what happens when Jeff loses one of the children inside the 150,000-square-foot furniture store!

Kalon says he last babysat children about 12 years ago. Are his skills a little rusty? See what happens when he takes the kids to an indoor trampoline park. Plus, Kalon receives a surprise proposal!

Patti says the one thing that bothered her most about the babysitting experience is when she couldn't find Daniel. "There was one point where I got really worried," she says. "He was not in any [room]. Not the bathroom, not the employee's bathroom. I looked in the freezer." She says she was really worried because she thought Daniel had left the building. She says she feels Jeff cheated by bringing Zoila. “You had a handicap, that’s not fair,” she tells Jeff.

Kalon agrees, saying, "That's a bit of an unfair advantage."

“Well, I think it’s balanced out now, considering that I’m the only one who took them to work,” Jeff responds. “I’m the only one who followed the assignment.”

Dr. Phil points out one thing that both Patti and Jeff did wrong: they bribed the children with money. "You don't bribe kids. It doesn't work," he tells them.

Kalon says the hardest part about babysitting the children was his lack of control over them. “You’ve got to give up all control. You’re kind of along for the ride, and you’ve got to let them believe they’re in charge” he says.

Rose's mom weighs in on the competition. And, whom does the audience — and the babysitters themselves — favor to win?

The children announce their favorite celebrity babysitter. Did the audience guess correctly?