Psychic medium John Edward is back by popular demand and ready to take on his skeptics, including Dr. Phil! Then, John and intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid team up to help a grieving mother find answers into her daughter's disappearance more than two years ago. And, celebrity numerologist Glynis McCants breaks down the numbers behind some of Dr. Phil’s most talked-about guests this season: Robert Blake, Nadya Suleman and Dina Lohan. Plus, Glynis details how the numbers could help you find Mr. or Ms. Right!

Connecting to the Other Side

"I’m a psychic medium. My specialty is connecting people with the other side," explains John Edward. The author of Fallen Masters and host of the Web series The Five says he's had this ability his entire life. "Mediums are born; they’re not created. If you’re meant to do this work, this work chooses you, and then it becomes your path."

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Dr. Phil tells John that while he is a skeptic, he is also open-minded. He recalls an incident that occurred the last time he and John met that challenged his skepticism. “As we were leaving, you said, ‘What’s going on with you and Barbra Streisand?’” he says. “I hadn’t mentioned it at all, but she was coming to our house for dinner an hour later.”

“I felt like an absolute idiot,” John says with a laugh. "I was staring at him, and I said, ‘Barbra Streisand.’”

“I can’t explain stuff like that, because that’s just totally random,” Dr. Phil adds.

One of the criticisms that psychics like John hear is that they use physical cues and visible prompts during readings. See what happens when John does a reading of the audience with his back turned away from them.

Is John able to connect any audience member to the other side?

Intuitive Counselor

"I’m an intuitive counselor and life strategist. I’m able to see pictures and images around people that help me tell their story," says Colette Baron-Reid, author of the new book, Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much. "Readings are about insight and giving them peace. I remember your past. I remember your present, and I remember your potential future that I see. It’s a freeze-frame; it’s a photograph for me."

Colette and John team up to help grieving mother Therese find answers about her daughter, Venus', disappearance more than two years ago.

Can Therese find comfort after such a devastating loss?

Breaking Down the Numbers

"When you look at someone’s name and their birth date, you get six numbers that make up the numerology blueprint of who they are. There are three numbers in your name, there are three numbers in your birth date. The basic numbers are only one through nine, and with that information, I’m able to tell you who’s good for you, and whom you should let go," says Glynis McCants, known as the Numbers Lady. "Numbers are in home addresses, businesses, licenses — and when you understand that, you have tremendous power."

Glynis examines the numbers of some of Dr. Phil's most-talked about guests. "Devil or angel? She gets to decide.”

Glynis talks with women who are looking for love and gives them — and you — insight into how numbers can help you find Mr. or Ms. Right.
“Glynis hit home on my relationship status.”

Group Reading

John, Colette and Glynis read the same group of six people, while their friends and family watch from another room.

“It was really overwhelming, and I broke down, because I was so skeptical about it.”

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump, a reality star on the Bravo series Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, says she's a healthy skeptic. "I have an open mind. I’ve never had a personal reading, but I think there are so many intelligent people invested in it, there has to be something to it," she says.

After a reading from the intuitives, will Lisa become a believer?

Final Thoughts

“The goal is to kind of leave people better than you find them and do the best you can to raise their awareness so they can take action in their own life, knowing that their family and friends are with them,” John says.

Web Exclusive!

Watch never-before-seen footage of John, Colette and Glynis performing readings. What messages do they pick up from the spiritual world?