Today's college graduates say that they can't find jobs, have looming debt, and are faced with the brutal realities of the "real world." Dr. Phil and Jay offer advice for these struggling twentysomethings.

Post-College Blues
Why are so many college graduates in dead-end jobs with looming credit card debt? Do they have unrealistic expectations about life in the real world?

Jay talks to six college grads to find out why.


Credit Card Woes "I'm scared to death by how much money I owe," says Allison, a college grad on the verge of bankruptcy. With $60,000 in credit card debt and student loans, she says, "I don't know how to get out of this mess."
Does she have a sense of entitlement? 


Homeless Graduate
Jeanine, 24, had high hopes of living a "wine-and-dine" life after college. But not long after graduating, she was living in her car. She says that going to college may have been a complete waste of time and money.
"I was just lost," she says.


Debt free and Clueless?
Bonnie's parents paid for her education, gave her money, and even bought her a car. Now that she's married and out of school, the 22-year-old says she has no idea how to function in the real world.


Dr. Phil's advice to Bonnie.


Great Expectations
The participants in Jay's roundtable thought they would have six-figure salaries and corner offices when they graduated. Dr. Phil finds out what's behind their unrealistic expectations.


"There are different phases in life," Dr. Phil says.

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