From the outside, Lisa and David may look like the perfect couple, but Lisa says she’s hiding a dark secret from the world — she has been suffering from bulimia for the past eight years binges and purges as many as 10 to 15 times a day. She admits that her eating disorder continued while she was pregnant with her now 2-year-old son, Tobias, which she believes may have caused him to stop breathing for minutes after he was born. Now 12 weeks pregnant with her second child, Lisa says her bulimia is out of control, and she’s afraid for her unborn child’s life. David says he’s tried everything to help his wife, but reveals that her self-destruction has taken a turn for the worse. David says Lisa has also been smoking, drinking and even cutting herself. What’s behind Lisa’s dangerous decisions? Can Dr. Phil help Lisa — and her unborn baby — before it’s too late? Then, Doreen, 26, says she realized she was gay at a young age and that her mother, Diane, doesn’t accept her relationship with her girlfriend, Ana. Diane says she blames softball for Doreen's "choice" to be gay, and it makes her sick to her stomach. Can Dr. Phil help build a bridge of acceptance?

Pregnant and Bulimic

Lisa says that she has been an active bulimic for the last six years. She admits that she spent as much as 80 percent of her day binging and purging when she was pregnant with her first child, Tobias, now 2. “I was worried that the baby wasn’t getting enough food, so I ate something right after the purge, and that usually would be what triggers another binge — it became a vicious cycle,” she remembers. She says her choice items to binge on are sandwiches, cookies, cereal, ice cream, pizza and popcorn.

When Tobias was born, Lisa says he didn’t breathe for several minutes. “I thought he was just going to die and I knew that it was all my fault,” she says.

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Lisa’s husband, David, says he’s grateful Tobias was able to breathe on his own. “It’s not just a gift that Tobias is healthy — it’s a miracle.”

Lisa is currently 12 weeks pregnant with her second child. “I thought having a second child would really solve my problems with bulimia. Getting pregnant hasn’t helped my eating disorder; I just can’t stop,” she confesses. Lisa says she currently purges four to five times per day. “I feel guilty and disgusting. I tell myself that it won’t happen again, but it always does.” She says she’s scared for her unborn baby. “I feel very guilty that I can’t make it stop; it’s beyond my control. I’m just really worried about how the baby is doing — if it’s even alive.”

Lisa says that her eating disorder has created tension in her relationship. “If I don’t get my bulimia under control, I may lose Dave; it’s put a lot of strain on our marriage.”

David says he has no intention of ever leaving Lisa. “I don’t care how many fights we have, I will stay by her side. I love her so much, there is no way I can leave her,” he says, but admits he doesn’t know what to do for her. “I feel helpless. I feel very guilty that I can’t make her stop.”

David and Lisa say that they got pregnant for a second time as a way of curing her bulimia. “Both of your thinking is not rational and it’s not productive.”

How does Lisa justify her drinking? Plus, learn how she started cutting.

Dr. Phil has a heart to heart with Lisa and explains to her how cutting herself feels, at least in the moment, like relief.

Dr. Phil offers Lisa help and she accepts.

“Walk out of your history and become present in your life,” Dr. Phil tells her.

“It sounds so good, I can’t even imagine,” she says.

A Bridge of Acceptance?

Diane says that she believes her 26-year-old daughter, Doreen’s, “gay lifestyle” is “devious” and believes that signing her up for softball was how it all started. “I believe that if I had not put her into softball, she may not have been gay,” she says.

Doreen says that softball didn’t make her gay. “It’s something that you’re born with; it’s not a choice.” She says, as a teen, she was caught kissing a friend. “That was my first relationship with a girl. It felt good. It felt real.”

Diane says she confronted Doreen, but her daughter denied it.

Doreen now says she denied it because she knew her Christian upbringing deemed it a sin.

“Doreen is gay and the thought of her lifestyle makes me sick to my stomach,” Diane says. “I believe that everybody is born straight. I believe homosexuals are similar to drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have addictions.” She continues, “I believe that Doreen can stop being gay. We will never accept homosexuality. In our home, that is not acceptable.” Diane says she doesn’t allow Doreen or her girlfriend, Ana, around their family. “We don’t believe that it’s healthy and normal.”

“My mom needs to know that this is who I am and who I was made to be,” Doreen says.

Diane reveals that Doreen was molested by an uncle, and believes her sexual orientation is a reaction to that.

Ana, Doreen’s girlfriend of 10 years joins the show. “I can’t imagine my life without her,” Ana says of Doreen.

“Ana has been nothing but a bad influence,” Diane says.

“I am confused because I wish I could please my mom. I wish I could change myself, but I feel like this is who I am.”

“I’m sorry that I’m going to disappoint you about this, but I think that you’re dead wrong.”

Doreen’s girlfriend, Ana, and Diane go head to head. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the one thing he agrees with Diane about.

Dr. Phil offers Doreen help to heal from her molestation and she accepts the help.

“I like that,” she tells him.

“Respect her enough to give her a chance to work with this,” Dr. Phil tells Doreen of Diane.

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