Dr. Phil has been bald since his 20s, but that doesn't mean he's aging any less gracefully than anyone with a full head of hair! Joined by Robin and Dr. Diaz, Dr. Phil reveals tips about looking and feeling young, and what will make you age before your time. Plus the products that Robin swears by, and the makeover that practically turns back the clock!



Separated at birth, these two reunited sisters live very different lives. Justine smokes and is a self-described "tan-aholic." Sheila is a health-conscious nurse who fears she may lose her sister too soon because of her unhealthy choices.
Dr. Phil weighs the risks.

Britta is a sun-worshipping 22-year-old who feels that by the time she is older, there will be a cure for whatever damage the sun may have done. She gets to see an age progression of herself 10 and 30 years from now.


Looking into Britta's future.

Cori, 41, is tired of being mistaken for her children's grandmother, and wants to look more her age. Robin shows Cori how to look and feel like a youthful mom, all with products you can get at your local retailer.
See Cori's transformation.

Karen, 46, is obsessed with looking young. She searches for wrinkles every day, lies about her age, and will only date men her age if they look younger.


Can she get over her fear of aging?



Robin's Recommendations:

  • Vitamin C Infusion Cream, 20 percent
  • Power Systems Versa-Tube
    www.power-systems.com 800-321-6975
  • Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson and Johnson
  • Facial Spa by Conair
  • Nivea Original Lotion

Extra Content

  • Dr. Tom Diaz Board Eligible in Anti-Aging
  • Dr. William Dorfman Cosmetic Dentist
  • Umberto
    Hair Stylist
  • Gregory Alt
    Makeup Artist
    800-611-1613 ext. 8339