Katie says she’s at the end of her rope with her husband, John’s, lies and if he doesn’t start telling the truth, she’ll leave him. She admits that she knew John was a liar during the 10 years that they dated — so why did she marry him and have his baby?

The Lies He Tells

Katie says her husband, John, is a pathological liar. She says she’s tired of his dishonesty and wants him to finally start telling her the truth. “I don’t know what to do anymore,” she says. “I’m at the end of my rope with him.”

John admits that he lies habitually. “Forty percent of my life with my wife is a lie," he says. "I lie to my wife at least once to twice per day." He says he let her believe that he had testicular cancer for six months. He says he also stole $3,000 from her, and lied about how much he had taken. “I’m all about me,” John says, proudly. “I can talk anyone into anything.”

Dr. Phil tells Katie, “A lie is not powerful; the power comes when you choose to accept it. So, you power him up every time you believe his lies. Wake up and deal with the truth.”

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Why has Katie put up with John for more than a decade? And, how does she say the lies have affected their sex life?

“This woman has stood by you, and you just keep slapping her in the face. How do you feel about that?”

John reveals additional lies he's kept from Katie.

Learn a shocking secret from John’s past. Plus, why does Katie say she blames herself for John's problems?

Dr. Phil tells Katie whether her marriage can be saved. “There is a cancer here — it is marital.”

Dr. Phil shows the subtle clues to look for to know if John is lying.

Dr. Phil tells John that he believes he can be the husband and father his family needs. “And, for once in your life,” he says, “You’ll have something you deserve, rather than stole and got through deception.” However, he warns John if he lies even once more, he will prompt Katie to take appropriate action.

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