Mike says his sister, Shelley, conned their elderly parents out of $100,000, which Shelley denies. And, Mattie says her 86-year-old mother was abused at her nursing home. Learn how to keep your elderly loved ones safe!

Family Betrayal?

Siblings Mike and Shelley haven’t spoken in six years. Mike claims his sister conned their elderly parents out of more than $100,000, leaving them with nothing and forcing them to sell their home. With their father now in a long-term facility, Mike says he cares for their ailing mother in her small apartment, where she “worries constantly about money and cries all the time.” He says Shelley betrayed the family, and he wants his sister to be held accountable for what she’s done. Shelley completely denies Mike’s accusations and says the money was a gift. She claims that she was abused by her family her entire life, and they’re now trying to make her life “hell.”
Mike accuses Shelley of Shelley manipulating their parents into helping her purchase a business and then getting them to sell their home and move with her to Canada, before he had time to object, a charge Shelley denies.

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Shelley defends herself against Mike’s accusations and says her brother can’t be trusted.

Shelley explains the agreement she had with her father. “That’s a bunch of hooey,” Mike says.

Mike also alleges his sister has a pattern of taking advantage of the elderly. He claims when she took care of another elderly gentlemen, she used his credit card to purchase a vehicle and a computer. He says their father paid that money back. Shelley denies this as well. 

Shelley says she has a good reason for why she’s been so distant from her parents.

Shelley accuses her brother of being abusive toward their parents. She says when she visited their father in the hospital, his teeth were broken, and she believes Mike broke them. “Michael is a loose cannon,” she says.

“I’d never abuse my parents. I have nothing but love for my parents,” Mike says.

What does Dr. Phil think of Shelley’s agreement with her father?

How does their mother feel about Shelley? Mike conducted a home interview.

Shelley says Mike keeps her from seeing their father, and the staff at his facility won’t give her any information about him. And she says she thinks their mother deserves better care. Dr. Phil asks Mike if he’d be open to an audit on his caretaking skills, and he says he’d be happy to allow that.

Dr. Phil says their story shines a spotlight on the question of how to make sure our elderly loved ones are protected. “I would hope that both of you would give some thought to what role you’re playing in this,” he says.

Mike and Shelley’s mother has passed away since the taping of this episode. Our thoughts are with them and their family.

Mom’s Horror

It’s an unthinkable act: Every five seconds, an elderly person is abused in America. Mattie claims her 86-year-old mother was abused and neglected at a nursing home for two years — and she say she has the video to prove it. Why does she say she felt helpless to stop it? Warning: The following video shows graphic images. Viewer discretion advised.

See Mattie’s documentation of her mother’s injuries.

Dr. Phil asks Mattie why she didn’t remove her mother from the facility. She says she didn’t know she had that authority and there were long waiting lists at what she calls "the good homes." Mattie says it wasn't until her mom ended up in the emergency room for her injuries, and a nurse recommended another home, that she moved her mother.

The facility where Mattie claims her mother sustained her injuries declined the invitation to come to the show and also to issue a formal statement.

Dr. Kerry Burnight, Associate Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of California at Irvine’s College of Medicine, gives tips on how to keep your elderly loved ones safe.