Dr. Phil deals with several important issues about the body: conquering erectile dysfunction, taming a fitness obsession, and beating blushing.

Erectile Dysfunction
Tripp and Michelle have yet to consummate their marriage of two-and-a-half years. Tripp's debilitating erectile dysfunction is keeping him from expressing the love and affection that he has for his wife. "It's like being in a jail cell," says Tripp of his condition.

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"A Vain Monster."

Michelle and Rickey started working out together after she gained some extra weight during her pregnancy, but Rickey has since taken his love of exercise to another level. When not at the gym, Rickey spends most of his free time shaving his body, tanning or preening in front of the mirror.


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"I deserve bigger boobs."
Lori thinks getting breast implants will improve her self-confidence, but Mark doesn't want her to end up with "rubber boobs." Can they learn to negotiate?


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Living blush-free
Blushing has plagued Lynne since she was a little girl. Now, at nearly 40, she is terrified of celebrating her birthday for fear of turning red in public. "People stare and laugh at me," says Lynne.

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