Classic Dr. Phil

They seem perfect from the outside, but behind closed doors this family is struggling with many problems. Meet Martin and Erin, and their two daughters, Alexandra and Katherine.
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'We're Not in Love'
On the day Erin was going to file for divorce from Martin, she found out her teenage daughter was pregnant. "We're not in love with each other," she says. "I don't even think we like each other."



A Teenage Pregnancy
Alexandra, 15, will give birth in a few weeks. Should she keep the baby? "It's not like a dog or something where if you give it away, then you can get another one," she says. "It's my kid."



Sisters At Odds
Thirteen-year-old Katherine is angry with her sister for getting pregnant and has even called her "trash." She resents that Alexandra is getting all the attention while she's ignored.


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